About the headphones

Connecting the headphones, how does that work?

Connecting the headphones is really simple, check out our manual! You’ll also find out what connector cables there are.

Are there any limitations to the system?

Yes, there are, and we’ll list a few below:

It’s important to know that only 3 channels (frequencies) can be used simultaneously. You can only transmit a maximum 3 DJ or Spotify lists, with 3 transmitters. The headphone has a switch between ch1, ch2, and ch3, so you can choose what you want to listen to.

The transmitter has a reach of min. 50 meters around the transmitter. However this reach decreases fast if the signal has to travel through walls and such. And unfortunately adding a second transmitter on the same frequency as a “support” transmitter does not work. This usually jams the first transmitter, so don’t do this!

Could I have a price quote first?

You could do this yourself very easily, just put your order in the shopping cart and click the button “price quote”. A PDF will be created automatically.

What's the difference between the headphone models?

The biggest difference is the way they look.

The most important internal difference is the type of batteries the headphones run on!

The HD8-BLACK has a power supply of 2 units of AAA batteries. The HD9-RGB has an internal battery. Well good to know, but why does that make a difference?

With the HD8-BLACK you can always simply change the battery. The HD9-RGB needs some prior planning. The headphones must be charged in advance. If you forget this, you have a small challenge on your hands.

Can I connect a microphone?

No, you’ll need a small mixer for a microphone. You can order this set additionally: a handheld wireless microphone and a wireless headset microphone. (Keep in mind that you can only use one of the two at a time!)
You can’t directly connect a microphone to a transmitter. But if you rent this set additionally, you’re done!

We have the same material available for purchases. Simply go through the ordering process, and you’ll bump into them!

Could I go completely wireless, without needing any power outlet at all?

You can, with our power bank! The beach, the forest, the mountains: no more power outlets needed!

If you want to go completely wireless, rent an additional power pack for the transmitter, so it doesn’t have to recharge at the power outlet, and hit the road!

These options are also available for purchase. Simply go through the ordering process, and you’ll bump into them!

I don't want to organise a disco, but a conference/real-time translation/congress/theatre/sports lesson/…

Of course you can also do this with our products! Unfortunately “wireless headphone rental” does not sound as catchy as Silent Disco. But that doesn’t mean that they can only be used for parties.

What are the specifications, so I can pass them on to the DJ/engineer?

The transmitter has a line input on cinch, and we always deliver adapter cables with rentals for XLR female, Jack stereo, mini jack and cinch.

Who takes care of the music?

You’ll need to do this yourself. The headphones are wirelessly steered by the transmitter. The transmitter itself has to be connected to a media player. For example a smartphone with Spotify, a DJ mixing console or a laptop.

Which connecting cables do I need?

There are 4 different cables:

XLR female: These robust connectors are usually found on the back of DJ mixing consoles and boards.

Jack stereo: These connectors are comparable to the XLR ones, also found on the back of DJ mixing consoles and boards

Mini jack: The well-known headphone connector, every phone/mp3 player / laptop has one!

Cinch (RCA): the red/white/black connectors are located on many cd and DVD players.

What frequency do the headphones work on?

It’s important to check this so that you don’t end up in a mess with another wireless microphone. Our headphones work on 863.100Mhz, 863.800Mhz and 864.950Mhz. These frequencies are freely available in the whole of Europe.

About the order

I want to use the Silent Disco for one day / multiple days only.

We work with a period of maximum 6 days. You’ll receive the box on day 1, and you’ll send it back on the last day.


Always deliver the box a few days earlier than you need it, so you know for sure it’ll arrive on time!

Delivery and return shipment is only possible on weekdays and of course not during holidays.


Do you want to use the box multiple days? No problem, this can be done for the same price! Make sure to order extra batteries. Every headphone is delivered with a new set of batteries, so that they work at least 10 hours.

Do you want to rent the equipment for more than 6 days? Then you’ll only pay 25% extra!

If I choose for a delivery at a parcel shop, at which parcel shop will the Silent Disco Box be delivered?

If you chose this option, then we’ll deliver the Silent Disco Box at the closest parcel shop. The parcel service will let you know which one that is as soon as the parcel is on the way. If your invoice address is different than your delivery address, then we’ll take the parcel shop closest to your delivery address.

Do you guys also sponsor?

Yes we do! Through the years we have supported a number of good causes. Do you want to support your good cause with a Silent Disco? Or do you have another cool action / usage in mind? Send us an e-mail and describe your idea! We’ll take a look and see what we can do for you.

Information about the delivery

When you rent a Silent Disco Box you can indicate when you want to have it delivered.

You also don’t need to stay home all day, because you can also have it delivered to a parcel shop in your area. That’s really convenient!


Always deliver the box a few days earlier than you need it, so you know for sure it’ll arrive on time!

Delivery and return shipment is only possible on weekdays and of course not during holidays.

Return shipment? How does that work?

Before the Silent Disco Box may be returned, you’ll have to do the following things:

Stick the accompanying return sticker on the box.

Snap the two red seals on the sides of the box, so it can’t be opened anymore.

Depending on what you’ve chosen for the return shipment, you’ll either bring the box to a parcel shop in your area, or the postman will pass by to collect it. In the latter case: make sure it’s ready! The postman does not know which parcel he is picking up. Make sure everyone knows this!

Missed the postman? He didn’t pass? Simply bring the box to the parcel shop yourself.

That won’t work? Simply contact us.

When can I order at the latest?

If you order today before 17:00, it’ll be at your place the day after tomorrow! Except for weekend and holidays.

Can someone come along with the equipment?

Sure, do you want to be completely hassle free? Don’t want to wait for the postman? We can send an engineer on the road with the equipment. He will guide the whole project on location!

What does the insurance cover?

The conditions of the insurance are really simple!

Per damaged and/or lost headphone you only pay a deductible of € 10,- incl. 21% VAT*

* This applies to a maximum of 20% of the headphones 

* The insurance only applies in case of loss and thus theft, once a receipt of the police report has been handed over.

The insurance only applies to the headphones. Potentially lost cables, transmitters, shipment boxes, etc., shall be charged with the prices that can be found in our web shop.

I'm still debating the amount I need…

No problem! You can always adjust (up until 5 days before the delivery day). You can always go down, you can only go up if the equipment is still available.

When would it be more cost-effective for me to purchase a set instead of renting it?

You can easily check this yourself on our website, by filling in the amount and the time period for rental, and comparing it with the purchase prices. It depends on the amount and how long the period of usage is. But an easy benchmark is around 22 weeks.

I forgot to send back the equipment, are there costs associated with that?

Absolutely! Because of this mistake, the next Silent Disco’s are in peril and we might have to disappoint customers…

For every 6 days later than the agreed upon return date, we’ll charge the original rental price.

After the third period of 6 days (so 18 days in total) have passed, we can assume that you won’t send the equipment back, and we’ll create the invoice for purchase, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your own Silent Disco set!